Thursday, 23 February 2017

Oh well....... there is a time for everything under heaven

And this time seems to be Rupert who nearly isn't a puppy anymore and another dog Millie has joined our lives.

Through no fault of her own, nor her previous owner, Millie need a new home with another dog.  It was the best decision ever. They play and cuddle up together. Only chews and bones cause a little friction and that isn't fighting, just they will bark at each other, not growling but barking persistently and loudly..... You can't have everything.

If the video above doesn't work you can view it here

I decided to do a clam shell for the border quilting.... I drew a half inch grid and then did semi circles to achieve it.  I love the effect but it did become quite tedious to do so much of it.
 I got lucky when applying the border. I had a quarter inch to spare! I cut my border at 2¼" folded it in half, lined it up with those dots, then cut the quilt back 5/8ths of an inch away from the stitching line. 
This makes the binding really nice and fat. On the downside, you have to force that 5/8th" in with every stitch. Add to that Rupert is still chewing everything in sight and it makes for slow going but I am getting there....
 'Peony Ring' finally came back from touring the States with the World Quilt Show. It is always nice to get reacquainted with your quilt again.
I make a point of always trying to ignore quilt judging comments unless they are nice. These ones were, so all is good. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Puppies and Politics

I am sorry I haven't posted but I have done no sewing at all. We have been on no trips anywhere interesting, mainly because Rupert gets so car sick even over 3 miles. I had stayed with him whilst house training was going on and that has worked. But he is a chewer. He will chew anything and everything. Everything. Money, chairs, cables, cushions, magazines, tissues, books, phones, ipads, anything and everything. It is getting better but we still have a long way to go. I have made a tea of chilli powder and put it into a spray bottle. Whenever he finds something new to chew, it gets sprayed. He has chew toys and bones. He chews those as well...... But he is cute and lovable. He has saved my sanity over Brexit and Trump. Whenever I despair he gives me a cuddle and for a few minutes all is right in my world.

Did I mention he chews everything? I had one day when I stitched a few hexagons, but you guessed it. I put it out of reach on a table to turn off a timer, and he ate it. Luckily I caught him before he swallowed the needle....

So if you like puppies, see how big he is getting. If not, just ignore this post.


  The view from the top of our hill on a dog walk.



I miss my quilting, but I love my dog more.